Cialis side effects

What about side effects? For both drugs, they are similar. Typically, these involve dizziness, headache, diarrhea, nausea, stuffy nose and feeling of blood rush to the head. Rarely, one may suffer from pain in the lower back, abdominal and joints.

All of these unpleasant phenomena usually occur in a mild or moderate form. Side effects disappear, if you continue taking the drug. A lot of clinical studies on the efficacy and safety of Cialis confirm: taking fatty foods and small (!) doses of alcohol along with the drug cause no adverse effects. This is a plus for those not going to give up their traditional way of life.

Why to buy cheap Cialis? Considering the analysis of scientific and clinical data on properties and effects of Viagra and Cialis, we can say that the latter medicine is a better choice. Still, remember pharmaceutical stimulation of erection is not a panacea. Quite often, male sexual inadequacy is not treatable with medication. We are to find ways to combat lack of potency in a drug-free area.

Love in adulthood is serious and deep. It features a large sexual experience. Your male experience is priceless. Quickly and easily, soft action of Cialis allows solving delicate issues. Feel free to save harmony and happiness of private life.